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The Dark Inside

(These words kaleidoscopic fall
As puzzle pieces pour
Out from an open searching heart
…I wish they could say more)

So cut me open deep and wide
And look into the dark inside
Where love and hate and foolish pride
Cannot be hidden or denied.

With skin and bone and mouth and eyes
And hearts that are no longer wise
The tangled flesh will joyful rise
And stand in naked cold surprise

And look towards the dusk and dawn
– not complete and not reborn –
A selfish spirit in a storm
Upon a sea with no lines drawn

And many voices in the one
Are calling out to moon and sun
The silences answers from above;
‘Life can be long and lived without Love’

(These words kaleidoscopic fall
I feel them all around
Entwined within a Painted Life
– Yet on unpainted ground)

A part of the Portraits collection