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Welcome to my website.

These galleries represent my entire ‘art collection’ and there’s a LOT in here (over 600 pieces), so come on in, get yourself a cup of tea and feel free to have a look around the inside of my brain.

Please contact me at phdsbl@hotmail.com if you wish to order bespoke prints that aren’t included in the shop, or would like to enquire about larger canvas prints of my work. If you’d like to commission me to create artwork for you, then the price is as varied as the ideas you may dream up, but it generally ranges from about £100 for a simple b/w A4 size portrait, to £200+ for more involved painted work. Pets, people, personal ideas – it can all be turned into Art. Just get in touch!

All my work is acrylic paint on canvas board or graphite pencil/black ink on card.