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Let it go and let it fall
Let the burning liquid pour
For we are carried on the flood
And write this story in our blood

Let it fall and let it go
Fast and heavy, sick and slow
The sharpened teeth inside our head
Will peel away the layers of red
Revealing all: the dark, the deep,
And all the others fast asleep

Our skin too thin, too thin to hold
This world so big, so strange, so old,
So full of pleasure, pain and choices,
And all we hear are kindly voices
Urging Hell to drain away
And softly fade into the grey

We’re up
We’re down
We’re black
We’re white
A waking dream both day and night
We’re in and out
We’re hot and cold
We’re shouting dumb
We’re young and old

These words are hard but silence worse
And both are now a lifelong curse
So let it go and let it fall
Feel the real and lose it all

Look up high and down below
No-one’s there so now we know
We are alone, alone indeed
And only you can see us bleed

For up on high with friends we stand
Looking out on childhood’s land
We’ve had it all
We’ve filled our hearts
And now we pull our worlds apart

And where do we, from here, go on?
The Past has rolled away and gone
And we, bled dry, stand up anew
And silent, empty, look for you

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