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Out of her long ago lost days of darkness, she awakes to find a star growing inside her heart.
The heavy world falls away as she begins to weave, in her slow, intricate, intimate years of dreaming. No colour is missing, no feeling unexplored. Innocent eyes and tender hands nurture this flower of cruelty and love, horror and wonder.
As time passes, shapeshifters with woven haloes come calling; Angels and Animals, Purehearts and Poets, the Almost-born and the Strange; stealing threads and kisses, leaving colours and curios. Every touch is entwined in the pattern.
And when she takes her leave of the slowly turning world, she will wrap and roll herself in the heart of her creation and unravel into the endless, unknowing night.
And maybe her essence will rain down into the dreams of the dark world, seeding the open minds of a precious few.
And maybe they will wake with a star in their own hearts, and a new, hard brightness in their blood.

A part of the Wonderful and Curious collection